The media is currently full of information regarding the Corona Virus. The impact is huge, with millions of countries and their peoples reacting in all sorts of ways. Panic buying of face masks and disinfection liquids, as well as stockpiling in case of there being nothing to eat or drink.

And now the finance markets are recording huge losses, as worries increase as to the effect of virus and the measures being taken by governments.

The one thing it demonstrates really clearly, is that we cannot predict the future.

Nobody saw this one coming - future prediction failure N° 1
Nobody saw this kind of panic as a result - future prediction failure N° 2
The actual spread of the virus wasn't predicted either - future prediction failure N° 3
The reactions of the different countries is very varied and the effects not foreseeable - future prediction failure N° 4
The market analysts have no idea how to predict the impact of all the people not working as a result - future prediction failure N° 5
The end of this is not in sight - future prediction failure N° 6

Etc.,etc., etc.

And yet, we live our lives every day as though we know what's going to happen. Until the unpredictable happens. Like a volcanic outbreak, or a tidal wave, or rain that floods everything, or a tornado rips the house apart, or the aeroplane get's shot down, or my house is bombed, or the only child dies.

Life is very precarious. we all know we are going to die, but we don't take our life seriously until it's threatened. As someone once said: "we don't believe we are going to die until the doctor says so". This should be a wake up call to all people: make sure you understand the value of your life, before you get to the last breath!