The headlines are full of the latest illness to be discovered by humans and named. Panic is causing disruptions on an unprecedented scale other than through a major war. But why?

As my teacher once put it: nobody thinks they are going to die until the doctor says so. And currently, the doctors are all saying it. But what exactly is new?

Fear of the unknown is at work. It would be good for us to remember that we are always confronted by the unknown, as we don't know the future, we can only guess. And we really do know that each and every one is going to die at some point due to some reason or other - it's guaranteed. So why the huge panic? I appreciate that it's primarily the young who are infecting the old and it's primarily the old who are dying of this virus. I certainly belong to the group of old and not very well, but so what.

I'm not in charge - that's the truth. All I do is live from moment to moment. And I'm grateful for each moment. But I know it's going to end - I don't need to worry about that. So I don't.

Relax, it'll work out the way it has to, despite anything you or I do. It's really simple: don't get it; don't pass it on!