A phrase I coined for myself, which has often helped me maintain a sense of perspective over the years:

If I'm good enough for the creator, then I'm good enough for anyone.

 One of the many things I'd been told whilst growing up, was that I should be better or like someone else. Dreadful!

Don't bring anyone up with statements like that. I learnt that I am unique in this world; there is nobody like me, there has never been anyone like me nor will there ever be anyone like me. That is a basic truth and fact. So I can't be like others, however much I might try. And no one can be like me.

That is a beautiful truth and a very liberating one. However, much damage has been done before understanding this fact and my task is to undo those degrading views of myself. 

Be who you are - it's the best thing you can do. But first, you need to find out who you are! Enjoy the journey!