One thing that strikes me, is how much effort individuals put into avoiding taking responsibility.

Look wherever you like and you see and hear people doing their best to get out of doing something. For example, I go to the gym 3 times a week. And every single time I think of an excuse not to go. But I know I'm like that and because I know it's good for me I've overcome my reluctance by creating a habit. Now that the gym is closed I'm confronted with the same problem again: how to avoid doing substitution exercises. 

In the same way, we have to do something but let it be the least possible and preferably somebody else will do my bit. This kind of thinking appears in all sorts of places. We are creatures of habit and hate having to change and we would like others to do any of the things don't like.

That leads automatically to politics. Why do we elect people to do stuff for us? Because we don't want to do whatever. Why not? Because we would be responsible for the outcome and that is always risky. Better let some other fool take that on. So when a politician comes along and says: let me take care of that for you - but you'll have to accept whatever I decide and however I decide to take care of things. So we hand over responsibility and accept in return any limitations that may be decided by the elected representative.

Of course, the privilege we demand in return is that we can complain, because the representatives do things that don't suit us. For example they demand payment in the form of taxes. Generally speaking we do all we can to not pay for the responsibility going away. But sadly, there is no way we can have our cake and eat it. Either others take the responsibility and we live with the consequences, or we take personal responsibility for what we do or don't do, within the context of the society we find ourselves in.

The net outcome of our laziness is The Blame Game. Not only in Politics but everywhere you look, the blame game is in full swing. It's your fault: it's their fault; why didn't you do that; why did you do that;  it's about time THEY did something about it; etc.

The best one of course is: "if it was down to me then I'd sort it out...".  HaHaHa. That's why I elected somebody else, precisely so that I don't have to sort it out.
This scenario occurs many times a day in everybody's life, including politicians, who now have the power but no more of a clue than the person in the pub on how to sort out everybody's problems.

So, are you a person who blames others for their own situation or are you a person who takes responsibility for their life and accepts the consequences?