Every day demonstrates that almost all people are crazy. Look at the stuff we do! Look at how we treat each other! And why? because we're nuts, that's why.

And why are we nuts? Because we don't have a clue why we were born or why we are alive. These are such fundamental questions, that not having an answer to these questions means that we do all sorts of things to try and give meaning to life. The saddest thing, is that for so many people the answer is greed and acquisition. It ought to be obvious that this isn't a good answer, because we can't take anything accumulated with us when life ends.

 What other major symptoms of insanity can we see? How about all the furore around climate change? Basically, we are poisoning ourselves with the crap we chuck down from the air, the poisonous substances we chuck into the water we drink or from which we get food, and, of course, the way we manage our land resources with poison against everything we don't like. On top of that we destroy so much of the land grubbing for mineral resources or to make way for crops which destroy more than they bring. The image is that of a person (almost certainly and in almost every case, a man) who is sitting on a branch at the top of a tree and is busy sawing it off from under him (or sometimes her). If that isn't a definition of insanity, I don't know what is.

I found this article which summarises really neatly one example of the insanity on this planet - I've added the link here.

Why are we apparently so intent on killing our own species off, along with as many as we can take with us? It makes no sense to me at all.
Greed will lead to the extinction of the human race as we know it. And from the perspective of the planet, good riddance!

What makes this even sadder, is that we are all looking for paradise on earth and don't seem to realise, we actually have it. Watch some of those great TV programmes from David Attenborough and you know we live in paradise, but we are busy turning into hell, not just by wrecking the planet we live and rely on, but by treating each other as enemies and not as valuable allies who can help you enjoy and preserve paradise on earth. It's not going to get any better by carrying on as we are.

The image I've chosen for this article, is that of looking at paradise from within a prison where we are locked in. What can we do to change this? Stop living in the illusion and experience reality and not expectations.  It's our insistence on illusion which keeps us in the prison of expectations and greed. For that to happen, we need to develop our conscious awareness of ourselves in our environment and to take responsibility for our personal actions. Change is down to you! Nobody else, just you!