This topic is really not easy to understand, but I have added a few links to videos by Jim Al-Khalili (Physics Professor) which offer an explanation I could understand. Maybe they'll work for you too.

As quantum mechanics focuses on what happens at the micro level (as opposed to e.g. Astronomy which looks at the macro level) of the universe, it gets very interesting. experiments have proven that at the smallest level measurable, the world is completely unpredictable. the decisions by particles happen as they happen, i.e. in the moment called "Now".

This, of course supports my own thesis that the most important function is whatever decisions we make in the moment "Now", affects everything. The truly sad thing is that we are mostly so unconscious that our decisions are mostly habits and nothing conscious.

That can be changed, by becoming increasingly consciously aware of the moment. Please watch the videos here, they really explain what I can't.