Trust is like a piece of paper

The word trust is used a lot. Defined as : 

firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.
"relations have to be built on trust"

And yet, despite the "firm belief", how often do we have to confront the truth, that the trust we had was misplaced! And, as the image suggests, once lost, it will never be like it was before.

So, is trust an inherently stupid thing to have? Well, that depends on what your trust is placed. As mentioned in the previous post, times change and along with that change the person or item in which we placed our trust will also change.

So is there anything we can truly trust? Well, in my experience there is a possibility and that possibility is that you can trust yourself. After all, you change too and so you are always potentially up to date with the person you can trust. But that depends too. Many people use the phrase "I don't trust myself to be/do/say the right thing". But the possibility remains within each person.

What can you truly trust in yourself, which, come rain or shine, stormy times or clear sailing, is always there for you, more reliable than clockwork? Simple, so simple we don't even notice it, it's such a profound part of each and every human being alive on the planet and we are completely dependant on it every day of our lives, and yet we don't pay any attention to it.:

it's your breath. That's just there, whatever we do, there it is. It truly is a miracle, for which we do nothing; in fact we never notice it until it threatens us with going. And then we notice it alright. I just talked to a neighbour who told me he'd spent 10 days in hospital with a case of COVID19 - I bet he noticed how important breath is. Apparently he still only has about 80% lung function. But I bet he's forgotten how concerned he was with loosing that breath. We are so  caught up in everything else, we forget the most important thing of all.