To me it's completely obvious, but apparently I'm in the minority, that I am a human being, the result of billions of years of evolution of the universe. As such, I also recognise and respect my fellow human beings, who are also the result of that unimaginable process of evolution. The creative force required to achieve this wonderful creature, capable of self-reflection and, as such, capable of experiencing the life force itself, is the greatest miracle imaginable. And I am truly grateful for this limited opportunity to experience being alive.

So why do human beings have so little respect for this miracle they represent, that they can wilfully destroy each other and the incredible environment which evolved along with them to sustain them? Everybody asks questions: why this, why that, why is this happening to me, what did I do to have this happen to me, etc. Complaints and blame.

Maybe if we understood what an incredible thing it is to be alive, something for which not a single individual on the planet can claim responsibility for. I know I didn't create me, and yet, when I look in the mirror, there I am! Realising this. I mean really understanding the depth of meaning in that statement, one automatically feels grateful for the opportunity to experience life in this fantastic instrument we've been given. Without it, I couldn't even have a bad time!

Thanks to the blessing of life, we can experience all the ups and downs we do. If we were conscious of that blessing, we would automatically understand that the most powerful tool we have built in, is that of feelings. A feeling is separate from our mind. Our mind can analyse, can show us all sorts of information about the external world, but it does't understand feelings, so we tend to associate our feelings with specific events or situations. For example, in a relationship with another person, we often believe that the feelings we experience are because of the other person. Wrong. You are the owner of all feelings and as such, are responsible for them. Do we accept that responsibility? Mostly no, we see external factors, other people, situations, as responsible for our own feelings and so we blame them and make them responsible. Wrong. How can I have responsibility for your feelings? If that were the case, then every parent would be able to ensure that their child has no horrible feelings, such as when they are sick. I couldn't do that for my children, I can't take your painful feelings away from you. When it comes to feelings, you are on your own and that is freedom! Freedom to choose how I feel.

Creative force, life force keeps the universe going. We like to call this force God. So why do we try and blame God for our problems? As Prem Rawat recently pointed out, God created you and you created your problems. So why blame God? The answer is always the same: we are unconscious and unaware of how fantastic it is to be alive and have such a body to experience, because, there is no way you can say that you deserved it or earned it. It's a gift and that needs to be acknowledged by the recipient, us, individually.

We use the term 'listen to your heart' often, but what is that? It isn't the thing pounding in our chest that we refer to, but something much deeper. It's that part we associate with our positive feelings: love, clarity, peace, happiness, etc. So where is this heart? Clearly we all know what the phrase means, but ask somebody to explain it and they are likely to become somewhat tongue-tied. To me it's that part of the human being which is in touch with the creative force which sustains us every day while we are on the planet. Of course that creative force is in us and sustains us - it's certainly not happening by my own efforts. I can look after my body, but I can't keep the life force in it - as, so far, every human being on the planet up to the present day hasn't been able to.

So, I can see that the force is in me, but if I can't be in touch with it, then having that life is meaningless. My effort has to be, to be in touch with that force in me and to view the world from that perspective, so that I may grow in understanding. And that takes courage, to keep going, despite all the distractions, to want to achieve that goal, despite the setback, to understand that life is special and to live it a gift.

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