In order to avoid responsibility, you have to be able to pass it on to someone else who accepts that responsibility or, alternatively, you don't look for someone willing to take on the responsibility and just blame others for all you do that goes wrong or all that you didn't do but should have because you had the responsibility.

The big problem with this is, that in the end, nothing gets done and many people have to suffer as a result.

I find the USA an excellent example of the problems of the world. I have a friend who is into conspiracy theories. I've tried to point out some of the flaws in her arguments, but without success. According to these theories, there are invisible evil forces in the world who are doing all in their power to have power over all humanity and as such are persuading people to do their evil will. I keep pointing out to her, that there is a much simpler explanation for the craziness in the world, and that is ignorance and stupidity.

I have sometimes toyed with the idea of describing nations in terms of the growth phases of individual human beings. According to that idea, I see the USA as a teenager. They are brilliant, full of ideas and believe that they are always right. Couple that attitude with "Living the American Dream" which encourages the citizens of the USA to have money as their God and with that, permission to trample all over others on their way to what is seen as the top. Greed.

So, President Trump exemplifies this attitude brilliantly, currently. Today I read that he has stopped contributions to the World Health Organisation, blaming them and the Chinese for the Coronavirus disaster in the USA.  Of course they are also responsible for all the climate change problems as well. The fact that he ignored it when he had the chance to do something and then put a number of incompetent people in charge, including his son-in-law who has no background in any of the requirements needed to deal with this huge problem. He cannot lead in a crisis so he lashes out and blames others. The result: more people are dying in the USA than anywhere else from this virus.

In all situations, we see him claiming the high moral ground without having delivered anything. During his tenure, he dismantled the health care that his predecessor had built up for low income families. And exactly these - as always - are those dying in their droves at present. His focus is on the economy - which he doesn't really understand - and not on the people for whom he carries responsibility together with the office of President. To put it crudely: f**k the people, get on with making money. The background to that is his own business empire which is suffering under lockdown and he's never been particularly successful as a business man. However he is very successful at marketing himself. And that has carried him through till now.

The real question for him now, is: will enough people be convinced by his BS to re-elect him? If yes - and people are both stupid and ignorant and don't inform themselves - then I see a very sad future for all of us. I really hope people start to look a bit more closely at the Trump administrations results and not the rhetoric.

Once this panic is over, what will happen? Well the choice is in taking personal responsibility for your life or handing your life over into the slavery of idiots. What will you do? Past experience suggests, that most people on the planet want to get back to the hell they had before, because it might be hell, but it's their hell and they are comfortable in it. The opportunity this Virus has offered the world to reset itself and focus on the really important and not rush back into greed and hate mode, is really here now. I doubt the opportunity will get used.