Power of now

I designed this image to remind me that there is only “Now” and what I do then determines much. This is just a section. The full image is available. If you'd like a copy, then you can see it and order it there. It's approx. A2 size (60cmx42).

This poster image consists of four areas, each of which represents a different influence on human beings. The point where these areas intersect each other, is the Moment “Now”.

I’ve placed the well-known image of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci at the intersection to represent a human being at the Moment “Now”. It is there as a representation and is certainly not meant to indicate only the male of the species. It's meant to be neutral but I found nothing to represent genderless. My apologies to anyone who finds it offensive.

The four areas represent the pressures each human being is constantly subjected at the Moment “Now”. It is this point in time which is the only reality I have - everything else is in the past (however close) or in the future (however close). I doubt if there is any scientist or philosopher who would argue against this. This point “Now” is where we have the opportunity to make a decision as to what we do or say. In fact, this is confirmed by Quantum Physics. Are we conscious of that? 

The lower area represents the micro universe within us, all our organs, bones, muscles, blood,nerves, brain, which influence as constantly. How many decisions are made because a person feels lousy or feels good? Each one of us knows that our physical state of health and well-being exerts a huge influence on an individual.
The upper area is the opposite and represents the macro universe outside our world. The influences of the pressures exerted by the vast forces present in the universe, such as gravity, the kind of acceleration we experience, the force of the moon on water or sunspots affecting the earth's magnetic field, etc, etc. We are located where we are in the universe, which brings with it the conditions under which we evolve on this particular planet. Of course, we are mostly unaware, at least consciously. But they are there and influencing us and our decision making.
The area on the right represents the physical environment we live in. So, if you live in the desert, you live differently than if you live on an island in the pacific ocean, or on top of a mountain. The type of vegetation, the types of creatures which share the spaces we occupy with us, The weather and atmospheric conditions at any given moment, all of these things interact and pressure us and influence our decisions, consciously or unconsciously. Any major natural disaster can make a mess of any of our plans or decisions, such as an earthquake, volcanic eruption, floods, drought, fire, etc. And that is just the natural environment. Add to that the man-made environments we find ourselves in, which force us to follow particular ways - think of the environment where people live and work. The interaction of our lives with nature and the effects this has on the environment - plastic particles in everything we eat, drink and breath, etc. 
On the left is the area we are most aware of, although still to a very limited degree. It represents the human environment: it’s history, our social links, personal (i.e. family, grandparents, direct friends, work colleagues, etc.) and public (i.e. the political environment, public services, information, communication, all outside influences, etc.). Each decision we make is strongly and constantly influenced by this part of our lives. We live in a matrix of connections, where all sorts of other people want a piece of me and influence me in a specific direction.
In the middle of this plethora of direct and indirect influences, each individual is expected to make “the right decision”, whatever that may be. For me, that instantly raises the question: can I ignore all these influences to make a personal decision and not one that someone else or something else is making for me? Of course not. I live in the Moment “Now”, but it’s in the environment I described above, which, as a physical being on this planet, I cannot ignore.

The point of this image is to remind me that there is only “Now” and what I do then determines much.