Yes, somebody ought to do something about whatever, or, it's your fault, or, it's because somebody did something, etc.

Whatever the problem, it's not my fault. I'm not to blame! I didn't do anything!

If, as I and many scientists claim, there is only the Moment "Now", then all this blame stuff doesn't work. It's the wrong question that's being asked, i.e. who did something? The real and only question is always the same: what am I going to do?

The blame game is the saddest and stupidest way to look for solutions. Has blaming someone ever solved the actual issue? No.

I've been listening to BBC Radio 4 for a while, but I can't listen anymore. The interviewers - especially the news and politics reporters - seem only to be interested in catching somebody out in a contradiction or a lie. The problem that is the core of the discussion is not the focus; it's not about solving an issues, it's about blaming and demonstrating that the offered solutions won't work. Yes, the media, really does have to look at itself and ask what their role actually is, in bettering things.

There are so many areas where the blame game rules. Today, 8th of March 2020, the big "crisis" is the desperate plight of those seeking escape from the dreadful war in Syria. Thousands trying to get away from persecution, bombing, torture and plain murder. The "Christian" north does little except try and stop them crossing the border. Of course these people want to get away from that. It's no different to the so-called economic refugees - of course they want to have a better life than starving under the leadership of some maniac corrupt politician who lets the country and it's people starve instead of looking after themselves. Look at Venezuela or Zimbabwe for example.

Each and every politician should be forced - as part of being elected - to live under the same conditions as these refugees for at least a 1 year before they are allowed to stand for election. It's only experience which makes it real. If it's happening to you, then suddenly your perspective changes too. I would go further and say, nobody should be allowed to represent the people, who doesn't have the same experiences as the majority of the people they wish to represent. but that's a dream.

Until then, we'll carry on blaming everyone and anyone else for our perceived problems. Be it on the local individual scale of a man beating his wife and children because he's had a bad day, or because the market means that a person is going to be fired because there is no job, or because I couldn't get a job because of the foreigners taking all the jobs, or because that ethinc group there doesn't conform to our ways, or because the killed someone so we have to, etc., etc. 

The blame game is so deeply ingrained, that stepping back and realising that the issue isn't the problem, it's my attitude to it that is.

STOP! Take personal responsibility for everything you do.