Time to Vaccinate

What a debate! And why? I don't understand the resistance to being vaccinated against an obnoxious and deadly illness. For me, my health is important and I do my best to look after my body - it's all that keeps me alive!!!

 There's a vote here in Switzerland due in November regarding the competence of the Government to impose restrictions to stop the spread of the COVID virus among its population. The argument against, as I understand from the posters and flyers, is that it restricts the freedom of the citizens.

Freedom from what? Freedom to ensure that each citizen can, if they get the disease, pass it on to all and sundry without restriction? That, is the effect, although it isn't formulated that way. The results of this kind of policy can be seen in Brazil, the USA, and other countries that deny that the virus is dangerous. In countries which are lifting restrictions, the virus is spreading like crazy - see the numbers rise in e.g. the UK, Holland, etc.

Is that really what they want to do? I keep wondering why the Governor of Texas hasn't been indicted for mass murder, as he is wilfully creating laws and regulations against any and all measures designed to dampen the spread - he has banned mask wearing and the demand that companies can insist on having staff which are all vaccinated. What is going on? To me, given the kind of responsibility he has for the safety of his electorate, this is a clear case of a crime against humanity. 

As a human being, I have a responsibility towards my fellow beings on the planet. To use a famous quote from the book that so many - such as the Governor of Texas - claim contains the right way to live:

Wikipedia: What does the Bible say about Do unto others?
A command based on words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount: “All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” The Mosaic law contains a parallel commandment: “Whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to any other person.”

I want people to treat me as an equal, as a fellow human being, with the same need for good health, happiness, love and joy. I need these things more than I need money or approval, Far more. 

So if these measures, including vaccination help me protect myself and others, then it's a no-brainer: you get vaccinated, to keep distance wherever possible and wear masks when in the company of many other people. Is that a hardship? Not at all - it's common sense.

Apparently common sense isn't as common as it ought to be,  The world constantly changes, and each one of us with it. You are not the same as you were last year or ten years ago, etc. This is a new change that's come our way. As Darwin might have said: "adapt or die!". The illusion that everything will go back to how it was is absurd. It never has and never will. As I'm in my 70's now, I can look back over huge changes, from the poverty of the post-war years to the present where there is so much surplus; from the technology of the Morris 1000 to the iX BMW; from the shared telephone line to instant communication around the world; from the Sinclair ZX81 to the fantastically powerful computers of today; from the early packet services to the internet today; from "The Brick" mobile phone to todays super computer and networking tools in our pockets. Huge changes on every level. So what is the big deal now!

So here are three arguments to support measures to keep each one of us safe:

  1. I love being alive and I don't want to choke to death
  2. The Bible says it: do unto others as you would have done to you - make me feel happy and I'll do my best to make you feel happy
  3. Change happens all the time, many big, many small - depends on what you're issue is: Big in the World of Corona; Big like in Afghanistan; Big like in Brazil; Big like in Switzerland; Big as in my Canton and Big as in my village. Or even Big in the building I live in; worst - Big in my apartment! The stuff at the end only bothers a few people and the bigger effect the issue has, the more are directly and indirectly affected. That's all obvious too. And if you are a person with power and get out of bed on the wrong side, that can have a huge impact: Impact is relative, what's huge for me, may be trivial to you and vice versa and there is only one way out: Listen to your heart first, not your head.

Given what I've written above, I can only repeat; what is going on? Have these people no understanding of the most basic needs of each human being? Have they forgotten that they are human beings too? I sometimes think it's true that many have not developed into human beings but have only got as far as being an asshole. But then again, I am even more often reminded of how much kindness there is in the world - far more than there is hate. It's shown in the many little things; a friendly smile, a helping hand, a kind word - so much is done by so many. Look at all the people doing voluntary work in schools and clubs and charities and in the neighbourhood. These are the real human traits showing through. We need to focus more on those traits we all have, especially within ourselves.