Waking up in lockdown again. The Coronavirus has taken over the world - at least, the external world. So what are we going to do with the day, when many of the usual activities we take part in, are out of bounds for the time being?

 For me personally, it hasn't changed anything much except that there's a lot less people about. Im retired, so my everyday carries on as before with one big exception - the Gym is closed where I usually go three mornings a week. So I'm substituting with Nordic walking and going into the countryside and doing a couple of hours of strenuous walking - burns some calories :-).

Actually, this lockdown reminds me that today is the only day I have and that makes me feel very thankful.

 Every day I wake up. That might sound banal, but what have you ever done for that simple experience? Nothing. All we do is wake up. Except there will come the day when we don't. And for some reason, we ignore that. The most important fact, we forget and ignore.

There is no reason at all why I should awake. I'd like to; I want to, but that doesn't make anything happen, does it. And yet it does, and will, till it doesn't. The most momentous moment of your life is when you wake up and realise that you're still here. And I would very much like to be conscious of that moment. Mostly I'm not. I'm sleepy, maybe at the tail end of a nice dream. Or - and that has happened a lot - that have a nightmare and do everything possible to just wake up. But just sometimes, sometimes I wake up and realise I'm still here, despite me. And those moments are the ones I strive for, because they are wonderful. And the feeling that wells up is: thankfulness.

Thankful for being here, just being here. Not being something, just being. Because you know there is no reason for you to still be here or anywhere, but here you are. What else can you feel except thankful. And that is a great start to the day, even if it only lasts a few minutes, you can savour that feeling anyway.