Listening to the news - not always the most helpful activity - I'm reminded of something my friend Jon said in the 70's: "The only good things in the world are atomic weapons and cancer." A bit drastic, don't you think? Why would anyone say such a thing?

Isn't it obvious? The current display of human behaviour (and when was it different?) truly suggests that humankind is superfluous to creation and Jon's comment merely states that we are busy killing ourselves and these items can speed up the process.

My own version of that statement was: "Life is hard, and then you die!" And for many people, that just about sums up their experience of being alive.

Is there any point in living? It doesn't seem to be the case, does it? Should we commit suicide and get it over and done with? Or just carry on to the bitter end?

Let's ask some different questions: Who am I anyway? Is there any meaning to my life? 

Who am I?

Well, most of us have been brought up to believe we are what others say we are. Their judgements of us is what we use to build our own self-image. And that is just so completely wrong

As Prem Rawat likes to point out, astronomy has shown us a keyhole view of the universe and that is so vast that we can't grasp it's reality with our minds. All this is creation. And among those billions of galaxies, ours - the Milky Way - was also created; and in among it our own star exists out of the billions of stars in our Galaxy alone, and here is our planet: perfect! truly a paradise - just watch some nature programmes - and here life started and out of the slime, slowly the myriad of different forms arose from the water and on the land and air. And one form was us, the human being and even that took millions of years and now here you are, here I am. And I'm not like anyone else on the planet; not only that, there has never been anyone like me before or will be again. In time and space each one of is unique and as such perfect. The perfect me! And is anything more special than that in the Universe?

So, I'm unique. So what? Well already that is a pretty amazing thing to be aware of isn't it? Especially when you feel you are nobody and worthless. Hey! The Universe has gone to a staggering amount of trouble over an incredibly long period to ensure your existence! That is truly wonderful.

But I need to feel special, not just be told I'm special. Well, here's the key word: Feel. Feel, not think. So how do I do that? Again, the answer is so obvious: choose! Choose which feeling you allow to take you over: Fear or Courage? Love or Hate? Strength or Weakness? Clarity or Confusion? Consciousness or Unconsciousness? Peace or War?

All feelings reside within us and we practice some more than others. Maybe we need to choose more consciously. Here's an example out of my own life: I have owned a car for most of my adult life and I like driving. I also see myself as a good driver (doesn't everyone) and even worked as driver at one point doing deliveries in London, where I learn't to drive. Some years ago, I noticed that I would get really worked up about other drivers on the road, here in Switzerland. I really think the Swiss are the worst drivers I've come across (and I've driven in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and even Bali). Their driving got me to a point where road rage action was definitely becoming more and more an option in me.

I knew that the drivers weren't going to change to suit me, so Mohammed would have to go to the Mountain. My daughter was taking driving lessons, so I said she could have the car when she passed her test. And that's what I did and I've never regretted it, because I don't have those feelings anymore. Now, if I need a car, I hire one and I don't get bothered, because it's not often I do that.

So, if you don't like the feelings you have, change your situation so you can have the feeling you like. It's only external stuff which comes and goes all the time, but you are there every day of your life, so the change to improving one's condition is the same as the one which leads to deterioration: take responsibility for your choices and become who you really are and not who everyone says you are or should be.

What's the meaning of my life for me?

Arriving on this planet was the start of a fantastic adventure. Each breath I take is a reminder that I am here courtesy of that life force, which can disappear at any time. So to me, my life means that I have an opportunity every day to experience that power manifesting in me. The power of life. Can't buy, can't give it away. I just have it. This generates the feeling of gratitude in me, whenever I'm a conscious of my breath and that life. I want to put effort into remembering and being conscious, because the result is not only gratitude, but joy. If that isn't enough meaning, what can be? I appreciate that for many, this is difficult, when they look at the everyday problems facing them. But I've gone through a lot of problems - and still do - but they seem small in comparison and as most of the problems are created by humans, then as a human being, I know they can be solved. Solving a problem when you fell good is a lot easier that doing that when you feel bad. So feel good and life becomes very meaningful.

And here's a song to cheer you up: "Good to be alive" by Andy Grammer on YouTube - Enjoy!